Saturday, November 23, 2013

How to host a Girl's Night In

My girlfriend Amanda decided to throw together a little girl's night in. Except it wasn't just ANY girl's night in, it was probably the most thoughtful and the most unique girl's night EVER! Amanda always being the hostess with the mostess created one exceptional night for the fortunate ladies lucky enough to be in attendance of the festivities. Take a few cues from the fabulous Amanda to host your own unforgettable girl's night in:
Step 1. Decorate
Create a fun environment for your guests to feel welcomed. Set the tone with festive flowers, plenty of seating, appealing glassware, and complimentary accessories like aprons (we'll get to that part later).
Step 2. Music
Pump up the jams and get the 90's music ablastin. Britney Spears and Michael Jackson should always be in attendance to any event that I'm involved in.
Step 3. Food and Beverage (aka Adult Beverages aka Booze)
Have plenty of options such as chips and dip, sandwich wraps, cookies, candy galore, and what ever your heart desires. If the alcohol is flowing correctly (aka overflowing) you will want your guests to have something to munch on.
Step 4. Entertainment
Activities such as drinking games and or drunken baking are a must. There is a fabulous drinking game "shoots and ladders" that requires taking shots and is waaay more fun than I remember the old school board game being. Bonus, it's also guaranteed to get you good and tipsy for some jolly baking!
 Step 5. Party favors
What's a party without a goodie bag? Amanda put together these awesome gift bags that were the perfect touch of delightfulness. Along with the adorable aprons she gifted us, she filled a matching polka dot bag with treats. Such items included a girly gem of a wine cap in case we ever decide not to finish a bottle of wine, face blotting papers so as not to blind others with our rays of shininess, a cute flower oven mitt for our own protection, and insanely cute panties. (The perks of having a girlfriend who works for a lingerie company).
All in all I'd say our girl's night in was nothing short of a success. Follow these simple steps for creating your own memorable and fun girl's night in.

Lastly and most importantly is the company you keep and the special people that you surround yourself with. The food, music, and baking is important but no girl's night in can be complete without the amazing group of girls who partake and relish in it with you. Cheers to having the best girlfriends ever!


  1. This is a great post, definitely going to have to host my own girls night in after reading your fab tips! xx

  2. Thank You so much for the shout out! I had a blast and I am glad everyone else did too! I love that the night was blog worthy!! GUess its time to start planning #2.. With out all of you that night wouldn't of been possible. THank You all !!

    1. Thank you! Amanda! Totally the hostess with the mostess! xo