Friday, November 1, 2013

My latest purchase from Z HOVAK

I was stumbling through Instagram looking at pretty fashion pictures when I came across this awesome cross poncho by ZHOVAK. I of course hearted and couldn't resist commenting "Obsessed".
The proud owner/designer commented back to me that I should check out her shop on Etsy. So I did and I totally hit the mother load!

I pretty much fell in love with everything in her entire shop! I am one of the most indecisive chicks that you'll ever know... but I did manage to scoop up the fabulous cross poncho that I had my eye on as well as this black sideways double cross bracelet.


I love shopping online because it's kind of like getting a present TO me FROM me. Oh, you really shouldn't have.. Anyway, as you can probably tell I couldn't wait for my delivery and anxiously tore into the package when it came. (Super fast delivery by the way). I am so happy to say that ZHOVAK did not disappoint! Along with my beautiful poncho and cross bracelet, that was exactly as pictured in the photos, was a gift of a matching pink double cross bracelet! The bonus present and thoughtfulness turned me into an even bigger fan of ZHOVAK!

I of course emailed her on Etsy thanking her for everything and my special bonus gift. Her enthusiasm for what she does and awesome customer service just made me think that I had to share her shop with you all!

Z HOVAK is a LA based Fashion Designer with a serious passion for designing and creating. She stems from 5 generations of seamstress and designers using bright colors "Colors that makes the soul dance" (Right up my alley!). She is a big supporter of handmade artists and says she "loves being a Etsy seller because its a certain customer that supports handmade items. And a particular human that is attracted to my labor of love." Might I add that I am that particular human :)

So if you haven't already, you should check out ZHOVAK stat and also check into following on  Twitter for free Z.HOVAK Giveaways. I promise you'll quickly become a fan!

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  1. Fantastic haul. I loved everything you picked.
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