Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What the What? - How not to handle a breakup

Here's what the what. I kind of wish that everyone would leave Miley Cyrus alone. I kind of feel for the girl. I mean, she's gone through a terrible breakup with her smoking hot fiancé. She's just doing what any other normal 21 year old girl would do. Shit just seems to be getting worse for her. In the wake of Mileygate, I figure we can all learn something from her: What not to do when going through a breakup.

DO NOT get a new haircut. Yes, you feel liberated and want to shed the negative but be careful because it could lead to this:
DO NOT re-haul your entire wardrobe. Shopping is obviously good for feeding the soul and can definitely aid in healing the boy problem blues but remember not to take the term "show him what he's missing" literally:
DO NOT party too hardy. It's ok to go out with the girls and throw back a few cocktails but don't make it a regular habit to where your Instagram feed looks like an advertisement for the Betty Ford Clinic:
DO NOT get swept up in the attention of other men. Yes it's great to be admired and adored by other dudes, but let's remember our standards ladies. Married men are off limits:
DO NOT load up on the ink. Remember unlike your relationship, tattoos actually last forever:
Breakups are tough. When you love someone with your whole heart you risk heartbreak. If you are going through a breakup, my advice is to tend to yourself and remember the positive things you have going in your life. There's always a silver lining. Just don't do the above, pretty please, unless you want to come in like a freaking wrecking ball. And nobody needs that war.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Love is in Bloom

Over the weekend I had the honor of co-hosting a Bridal Shower for my bestie, Sara. The theme was "Love is in Bloom" and man, was it blooming! The festivities were held at the gorgeous restaurant Il Cielo. I fell in love with this venue as soon as I was told it was originally a salon converted into a restaurant and also the spot where the beauty Marilyn Monroe went blonde for the very first time.

The beautiful garden was filled with desserts from the yummy and delectable bakery; Delicious Bakery. They took my custom requests and literally turned the desserts into edible works of art. So tasty too!

Decorations were garden themed as well as Romantic and Love inspired. Letter blocks, picture frame, and mini birdhouses were created by yours truly:
Games were played, Alcohol was overflowing, and Fun was had by all! Thank you to my co-host, the glowing Mother of the bride, Michele, to my co-Maid of honor, Kelly, and the rest of the Bridesmaids as well as every other fabulous lady in attendance for helping celebrate Sara on her special day. It was absolutely perfect! XOXO
P.S. Stay tuned for a D.I.Y. tutorial on the miniature birdhouses :)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Redken Butter Silk

Besides raindrops on roses and whiskers and kittens, Redken is one of my favorite things.
I covered this in my Thanksgiving post, 10 things I'm totally and seriously grateful for.
As a non-natural blonde, I'd be lost in the woods without my Redken hair products. So, today I share with you my all time top favorite pick from the Redken brand: Redken Smooth Lock Butter Silk. Formally known as Butter treat. They should have kept the name the same because in my honest to God opinion it's nothing short of a fabulous and decadent treat for your tresses. It leaves them soft and silky just like buttah!

The Butter Silk is a thick conditioner that smells heavenly. To use: After washing and rinsing your strands with shampoo, Apply the Butter Silk. This product is not a leave-in treatment, so make sure to rinse out after putting on for 5-15 minutes. It is a treatment that is designed for use as a weekly or biweekly mask for treating dry hair but it's totally safe enough to use daily as part of your regular shower routine. When I've been overdosing on styling and product, I use it daily and I swear after just one use, my hair looks and feels 10 times softer, healthier, and shinier. It also reduces frizz!

Available at Ulta and most beauty supply stores.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Very superstitious writing on the wall

Sometimes in life things happen, I mean bad things, like really terribly bad things. People can do things to you that you never imagined they were capable of doing. Example: The whole Sandra Bullock/Jesse James thing... WTF was that?!

When people get you down and disappoint you in such ways, sometimes it's hard to see the writing on the wall. No matter how clearly written it is, even if it's screaming at you in the face, it can be hard to take those rose colored glasses off and see it for what it is. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt, folks.

They say ignorance is bliss, but is it? I don't really think anyone is capable of living in La-La land long term. It's like they say about San Francisco, it's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there! (Which is what I realized myself after living in San Francisco for a short period)....
Anyway, back to this topic....
I'm coming up on 2 years since MY whole Sandra Bullock/Jesse James type of life changing moment. 2 years since  I was forced to see the writing on the wall. 2 years since I admitted to myself that my life would never be the same and everything that I knew from that moment on had changed. 2 years since I've changed.

Looking back now and seeing how much I've grown and seeing how much has changed (for the better) I am so grateful. Don't get me wrong, it's been a very hard journey but all of the bad ridiculousness that I went through to get to this point that I am at now has been totally and completely worth it. The hardest part of it all though, it was taking off those rose colored glasses that I had gotten so comfortable wearing and was so used to. Removing them was so foreign. Now that they're gone, I can't imagine it any other way.

If you are going through something in life that you are having trouble facing, I encourage you to follow your heart (that sucker beats louder than anything else I've ever heard, making it almost impossible to ignore). See things and people for what and who they really are and most importantly read the writing on the wall.


Friday, February 14, 2014


                           Happy Valentine's Day from StarrJoy16 and my boyfriend, Ryan Gosling...

Okay, okay, he's not technically my boyfriend. If you're like me and can't have Ryan this V-day, and don't want the extra calories of sweets, you can still get your fix by stocking up on these goods:
Rings $6
Love Canvas $20
Necklaces $10
Jewelry box $8
Available at my Etsy shop: StarrJoy16
Love is sweet! XOXO

Friday, February 7, 2014

7 guys you should never date

A few months ago one of my best friend's emailed me this article on 20 types of guys you should avoid in your twenties. I was going through an awkward and ridiculous breakup (if you could call it that) at the time and it gave me a good laugh. Probably because said guy was guilty of a few of these offenses. (ahem #13 just to name one).
You live and you learn. Through trial and error I have learned a lot and have added a few more red flaggers to this already accomplished list:

1. The Do-Gooder - He is a volunteer firefighter, Helps out at an Orphanage, Bakes cookies for the Homeless, etc.. etc.. Unless he's 12 years old and trying to earn a merit badge, he's probably overextending himself to prove he's one of the good guys to make up for his natural bad guy tendencies.

2. The Superhero- This guy kind of ties in to the "Do-Gooder" type except he compares himself to Superman or Rick Grimes from "The Walking Dead". If he literally thinks he is either one of these two characters, he's nothing short of a tool. He thinks he can save the day but he's oh so wrong. The only one who needs saving here is him.

3. The Old-fashioned - He thinks women shouldn't vote, shouldn't drive, shouldn't have an opinion. If he wants you at home in the kitchen dressed up in an A line skirt with matching apron and heels, he's  a classic control freak. Kick off the heels and RUN!

4. The Know it all - He has the answer for everything. That's because he's read about it, studied it, lectured about it, performed it, and is licensed in it. That's right he's the classic one upper. Anything you can do he can do better. He can do anything better than you and he'll prove it every time. Unless you like 2nd place and prefer silver to gold , withdraw yourself from the competition.

5. The one with Mommy or Daddy issues - Unfortunately for him, he doesn't realize that his stay in the womb was a short 9 months. If his umbilical cord is still attached, he should be in therapy. If he also feels he was wronged by his folks and they are the reason for his troubles, he should be in therapy. Bottom line: He should be in therapy.

6. The Bartender/ Musician - He loves a good performance and loves the attention of putting on a show. He's super fun at first but will leave you with a hangover and an annoying song stuck in your head.

7. The guy from High School - If you didn't want to date him in High School, You definitely won't want to date him now. Time to graduate.

Valentine's Day is drawing near and if you happen to find yourself solo on this particular day of Love, consider yourself better off than any girl that is coupled up with any one of these types of dudes. XOXO

Monday, February 3, 2014

Fabulously Featured!

The Hottie Alexa Re featured two of my necklaces in her January Favorites youtube Vlog! (Tune in at 9:07) (PS she's rocking one through the whole video). Looks good on her! Check them out up close and personal:
My Love Necklace $10 was also fabulously featured on the Beautiful blog
                                                    Just in time for Valentine's Day too!
                                        Be sure to check out my shop: StarrJoy16 for more :)