Friday, December 18, 2015

DIY Christmas tree banner

You know I love sparkles and I love Christmas trees. So I bring you an easy, fun craft to jazz up your home for Christmas: A glitter Christmas tree banner!
You'll need:
Sparkle cardstock
Christmas tree cutout (You can easily make your own or Google for the Christmas tree drawing challenged)
Twine or Ribbon
Hot glue gun

Step 1:
Trace your Christmas tree cutout on the back of your cardstock with your pen or crayon:
Step 2:
Use scissors to cut out your cutouts:
Step 3:
Line up your cutouts (sparkle side down) in a straight row. Place your twine or ribbon over the cutouts in desired spot for gluing (near the top is best):
Step 4:
Get to gluing!
Let glue dry for about 10-15 minutes. Once fully dry, your Christmas tree banner is ready for hanging!
Step 5:
Hang your sparkle Christmas tree banner somewhere fabulous!
Merry Christmas!

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