Thursday, November 5, 2015

5 things I'm in love with right now

November is one of the best months to appreciate and be grateful for all of the amazing things in life. I'm kicking off this month with 5 things that I am oh so in love with right now:

1. Pumpkin candles. If you checked out my recipe for Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, you know I enjoy me some sweet pumpkin! It's so yummy and delicious. Luckily the candles are 0 calories!

2. James Bay. He can "hold back the river and look in my eyes" any time! His voice is that simple soulful sexy that I just can't get enough of. Listen to "Let it go" and I promise you won't be sorry. I'm also currently obsessed with "If you ever want to be in love". Oh James.
3. Cozy slippers. I love fuzzy socks and festive slippers on my feet. I scored these babies for under $15 at Rite Aid. No joke. My feet are so happy.

4. Sweater weather! Finally! Living in Southern California, we only have one season.... it's pretty much summer year round here. Anything below 70 degrees is considered "Cold". And at the first temperature dip all of the girls break out the Uggs and scarves. It's fabulous. I'm so happy to be wearing long sleeves! Shameless plug for my new sweater collection at StarrJoy16:

5. Last but definitely not least, I am seriously obsessed with teepees. I am lusting after this amazing one I saw on Pinterest. I don't have my own teepee or forest to put it in but I am digging the outdoors. There's nothing like being out under the stars laughing and snuggling with loved ones.
Happy November friends! What are you currently in love with? Feel free to comment and share :)

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