Monday, November 9, 2015

The Dating Diaries

The time has come to bring you along for the interesting ride that is known as my dating life. If you're familiar with this here blog, you know that I introduced you to The Tinder Diaries. Which was cray to say the least. I talked to a lot of wackadoos and went out with some too...and it was entertaining and exhausting. I took a much needed break and now I'm back on the scene. In the words of George Costanza's father, "I'm back, baby".

So here you have the new (not necessarily improved) "Dating diaries". These dudes are not specific to Tinder or any other dating site (although that's where I seem to find the vast majority of the people that I end up in these here situations with).

Here is a sneak peek of what I encountered in just a mere 10 minutes:

(*Moustache added and profile info blurred to protect this dear one's identity)
Are we starting to get excited?! Silver lining, good to know that I am somewhat of a "sex kitten in my daisy dukes" according to the above two. I, however, would like to take this time to note that my online dating profiles are not sexual nor do I post provocative photos. I'm a lady for heaven's sake! Majority of my photos on the dating sites are from my Facebook page or social media and look like this:

(Quick shout out to my girls who are morally supportive in these ridiculous days of dating)
You wouldn't believe the kinds of dudes that I attract. For real. So grab the popcorn and wine and join me on my fabulous and wacky adventures of dating. Stay tuned! XOXO


  1. There are so many weird guys. I work as a model at races, and you would not believe the creeps that are around. It isn't just you! -Hanna Lei

    1. So good to know! I'm glad I'm not alone in this! :)

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