Thursday, September 29, 2016

September roundup

A lot of interesting things have happened this month. It's officially fall, the leaves are changing, the skies are getting darker earlier, among other changes. One thing I can for sure say is that I have become obsessed with Snapchat. Everything is better with a deer filter.

I have a habit of asking my single and married friends what the best thing about their relationships or non relationships are. So far we've learned that my married friends feel like they missed out on tinder and want more spontaneity in their lives. As for me, still single, I have learned that smoothies and all things sticky seem to be popular date ideas. Be sure to follow me : StarrJoy1 for more on that.

With the change in weather, comes a change in skin. I shared my skincare routine with you guys and am completely obsessed with it! Changed my life for the better!

Stay tuned for next month. October! It's seriously the kickoff to the best part of the year. Everything is scary and Halloween related (I'm sure my future dates included). Blog soon!


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