Friday, February 7, 2014

7 guys you should never date

A few months ago one of my best friend's emailed me this article on 20 types of guys you should avoid in your twenties. I was going through an awkward and ridiculous breakup (if you could call it that) at the time and it gave me a good laugh. Probably because said guy was guilty of a few of these offenses. (ahem #13 just to name one).
You live and you learn. Through trial and error I have learned a lot and have added a few more red flaggers to this already accomplished list:

1. The Do-Gooder - He is a volunteer firefighter, Helps out at an Orphanage, Bakes cookies for the Homeless, etc.. etc.. Unless he's 12 years old and trying to earn a merit badge, he's probably overextending himself to prove he's one of the good guys to make up for his natural bad guy tendencies.

2. The Superhero- This guy kind of ties in to the "Do-Gooder" type except he compares himself to Superman or Rick Grimes from "The Walking Dead". If he literally thinks he is either one of these two characters, he's nothing short of a tool. He thinks he can save the day but he's oh so wrong. The only one who needs saving here is him.

3. The Old-fashioned - He thinks women shouldn't vote, shouldn't drive, shouldn't have an opinion. If he wants you at home in the kitchen dressed up in an A line skirt with matching apron and heels, he's  a classic control freak. Kick off the heels and RUN!

4. The Know it all - He has the answer for everything. That's because he's read about it, studied it, lectured about it, performed it, and is licensed in it. That's right he's the classic one upper. Anything you can do he can do better. He can do anything better than you and he'll prove it every time. Unless you like 2nd place and prefer silver to gold , withdraw yourself from the competition.

5. The one with Mommy or Daddy issues - Unfortunately for him, he doesn't realize that his stay in the womb was a short 9 months. If his umbilical cord is still attached, he should be in therapy. If he also feels he was wronged by his folks and they are the reason for his troubles, he should be in therapy. Bottom line: He should be in therapy.

6. The Bartender/ Musician - He loves a good performance and loves the attention of putting on a show. He's super fun at first but will leave you with a hangover and an annoying song stuck in your head.

7. The guy from High School - If you didn't want to date him in High School, You definitely won't want to date him now. Time to graduate.

Valentine's Day is drawing near and if you happen to find yourself solo on this particular day of Love, consider yourself better off than any girl that is coupled up with any one of these types of dudes. XOXO

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  1. why have I experienced all of these? hahaha Seriously! and one more thing you forgot to mention.. No matter how long ago or how bad... somehow THEY ALWAYS COME BACK!!