Friday, February 21, 2014

Redken Butter Silk

Besides raindrops on roses and whiskers and kittens, Redken is one of my favorite things.
I covered this in my Thanksgiving post, 10 things I'm totally and seriously grateful for.
As a non-natural blonde, I'd be lost in the woods without my Redken hair products. So, today I share with you my all time top favorite pick from the Redken brand: Redken Smooth Lock Butter Silk. Formally known as Butter treat. They should have kept the name the same because in my honest to God opinion it's nothing short of a fabulous and decadent treat for your tresses. It leaves them soft and silky just like buttah!

The Butter Silk is a thick conditioner that smells heavenly. To use: After washing and rinsing your strands with shampoo, Apply the Butter Silk. This product is not a leave-in treatment, so make sure to rinse out after putting on for 5-15 minutes. It is a treatment that is designed for use as a weekly or biweekly mask for treating dry hair but it's totally safe enough to use daily as part of your regular shower routine. When I've been overdosing on styling and product, I use it daily and I swear after just one use, my hair looks and feels 10 times softer, healthier, and shinier. It also reduces frizz!

Available at Ulta and most beauty supply stores.