Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Disneyland! Part 3 of my 30th Bday

The thought of turning 30 did freak me out at first. On second thought I still feel like a kid. So when my best friend Sara asked me where I wanted to celebrate this monumental birthday, I didn't hesitate to say Disneyland. Totally felt like one of those Super bowl commercials, "You've just turned 30, what are you going to do next? I'm going to Disneyland!" So that's exactly where I spent celebrating the day of my birth:

 I got decked out in my best Minnie ears and Mickey tee and even made Sara go in on the Disney wardrobe too. I think she got in to it halfway through our adventure because she made a Mickey purchase and had herself a wardrobe change. She had to represent the pirate Mickey!
One of the best parts of the day for me was when we were exiting the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, there was a little boy waiting to go on as we were docking ship. He kept telling people in his most enthusiastic voice "It's my birthday!" He was so proud and so excited and just loving life. It was a sweet highlight for me as well as a reminder to be thankful for this magical thing called life.
So I did what any other normal person would do, I hauled ass to the nearest shop and got myself a birthday button. I'm 30 bitches! I earned that button! I wore it proudly!

Thank you to my bestie for being there for me for more than half of my 30 years on this planet. We've been through so much together... Space mountain was our move to San Francisco, jumping into the unknown. Pirates, well we've experienced our share of those types in our days. The haunted mansion took me back to Regina Phalange and the famous 'you see it too' moment. , The teacups  (Bad idea with my Vertigo) was like every hangover I've been lucky enough to share with you. And the Merry-go-round reminds me that life has it's ups and downs but I'm fortunate enough to know that you'll always be right next to me for the ride.


  1. such a cute post! I'm glad you were able to be at the happiest place on earth on your Birthday! You deserve it!.