Monday, March 17, 2014

D.I.Y. How to make a miniature birdhouse

I recently hosted a Bridal Shower for my best friend. It turned out beautifully. Among the fabulous decorations to the 'Love is in Bloom' theme, were birdcages, flower pots, and miniature birdhouses to name a few. If you want to decorate your space and learn how to create your own miniature birdhouse, then you're in the right spot!

You'll need:
Wooden miniature birdhouse
Acrylic Paint (I used Americana in 'Baby Pink' and Folk Art in ' Titanium White')
One Large paintbrush
One Small paintbrush
Hot Glue Gun
Lace Ribbon

Step1: Start with a miniature wooden birdhouse. They can be found at Joann fabric and crafts as well as at Michael's. Using your larger paintbrush, paint a coat of your primary color. (In my case it would be the baby pink). One coat should be enough but if you feel you need two coats, I wont judge. Use the smaller paintbrush to get all corners and underneath the birdhouse roof:


Step 2: After your base coat dries, again use your large paint brush to lightly brush long strokes of white across the roof, front and backside of the birdhouse. Keep in mind you do not want to sweep over the same area. It's meant to look a little imperfect or 'shabby chic':

Step 3: After paint has dried, time to plug in the got glue gun and get to gluing! You can place your rhinestones anywhere you'd like but I prefer the look of 3 rhinestones in a vertical line along the left side of the birdhouse 'door':

Step 4: Once hot glue dries, you can move on to your final step. Take lace ribbon and tie a bow around the base of the birdhouse. This creates a look of chicness that adds to your shabby. It's also pretty adorable. Ta-da! You have yourself a miniature birdhouse:

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