Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My 30th Birthday: Part 1

March 16th 2014 was the big 3-0 for me. I turned 30! Wowza. That's three decades people. In my twenties I used to say that I still felt like a 12 year old half of the time. Now that I'm in my sophisticated thirties, I can honestly say I feel like a 16 year old the other half of the time. They say that your twenties are about figuring out what you want in life and your thirties are about making it happen. Cheers to that. Here's how the celebrating went down:

Some friends and I went out to a local sports bar and had some drinks, some food, and some laughs. They decorated with balloons, star table pieces, and awesome signs that read "29ish" and "I'll be 30 when I want to be" to name a few.

A good time was had by all. Even when my friend Amanda attempted to smash cake in my face. (For the record she denies this but the proof is in the photos) Just kidding Amanda! I love you!

                                I will say this: One good thing about turning 30; I'm not turning 40.
             Thank you to my friends for coming out to celebrate the birth that is me. I love you all!


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