Friday, February 10, 2017


For part 2 of my bestie's birthday celebration, (If you missed part one, you can get the deets here) She wanted to do an Escape room. Not just any escape room, the hardest one that there is... with only a 19% success rate. Thanks to the folks at Amazing Escape Room we were able to make her birthday wish come true.

It was my first time playing this here little escape game and I'm not going to lie, I wasn't much help! It was really tough! I took on the roll of team cheerleader. Thanks to my amazing teammates, we managed to crack the codes and escape our room with a minute and 30 seconds to spare! Not a second too soon, because let me just tell you, the fresh air was the ultimate prize! I also learned a valuable lesson, I would not do well on "Survivor" or "The Amazing Race". But if you need a labor coach or someone to root for you during your gym workout or soccer game, I'm your girl!

Happy Birthday Sara! XOXO

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