Sunday, February 26, 2017


Sometimes life can get a little hectic. In between working with two preteen boys and running my own business, I sometimes forget to take care of myself. There's laundry to be done, cars to maintain, and homes to clean, not to mention food preparation because well, a girl's gotta eat. It can all get a little cray and overwhelming at times. When this happens, I just remind myself that it's totally ok to unplug and breathe. Take some time for myself to tune out the world and center myself. My favorite way includes a hot bath, then some snuggle time in my panda pajamas, while giving all of my attention to a pizza and a silly Kate Hudson movie. Ahhh now I'm fully recharged. Ready to plug back in!

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday Funday! What are some things that you like to do to unplug and breathe? Feel free to comment and share below!

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