Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bachelor season finale

Nick sure does clean up nice.

I don't know about you but I was so excited and anxious for Nick Viall to be on the bachelor this season. He's had his ups and downs when it comes to love. We all know that he made it to the final two with both bachelorettes Andi Dorfman and Kaityln Bristowe only to be rejected by both.

Viewers have had their own opinion of Mr. Viall. Some love him, some hate him, some love to hate him. But for me, I can say that I honestly liked him, didn't like him, liked him again, but now am all like "Eh". He did redeem himself for me on his season of Bachelor in Paradise. When Josh Murray (Andi Dorfman's final pick) swooped in and stole his girl AGAIN!

Can poor Nick get a break? I was totally rooting for him to find love while being one of the most entertaining bachelors of all time. Boy, was I wrong. His season was a total snooze fest! The best part of his season was Corinne. Somebody give that girl a spinoff series!

If you made it through this season, without taking a nap during any of the episodes, Corinne and I congratulate you! Now on to the finale. Nick narrowed it down to Vanessa, a pretty but boring special needs teacher from Canada eh. And Raven, a sweet southern slice of pumpkin pie. My vote was clearly for Raven.

The highlights of this episode for me were obviously Nick's sweet dad who chimed in with the best advice, "Love isn't enough". I learned that on an Episode of Grey's Anatomy. Ya'll remember this one?:

Highlight number two was Santa, because, well duh! He makes everyone Jolly. Highlight three was Vanessa getting irritated by the fact that Nick developed feelings for other women. I mean seriously, you can roll your eyes and flip your hair all you want girl, but he's been dating 25 other women for like three months now, did you just get that? 

Needless to say, I was quite surprised when Nick let Raven go. Bachelor Nation was also with me on this. People are so unhappy with Nick's picking Vanessa over Raven that they immediately went to twitter to vent. I was so upset during his break up with her that I went into full on Nene mode and wanted to stop watching the rest of the episode.

I persevered though and made it through to see Nick propose to Vanessa. At least he finally got to actually slip that ring on a girl's finger, right?! Third time's a charm!

Congratulations to the most dull couple evs! I don't think they'll last longer than 3-6 months. But fingers crossed for them that they make it. At least the ring is pretty. And in case you missed my snap story (StarrJoy1),  here's a play by play while it was all going down!

What did you think of the final episode and Nick choosing Vanessa over Raven? Comment and share below. XOXO

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