Monday, December 23, 2013


If you saw the tutorial for the D.I.Y. HO HO HO banner then you should know that I wasn't entirely satisfied with the overall glitter factor. So I bring to you a re-do of the D.I.Y. Ho Ho Ho banner... only this time it's a Fa La La La La banner and a lot more sparkly! You're welcome :)

First I gathered some friends and alcohol.
Next I stenciled out my letters:
Then I began to cut out my letters
(Side note: When I was doing this:)
I thought my friends were doing this:
When they were in fact doing this:
Probably because of too much of this:
All of the above combined produced this:
Moral of the story:
Everything IS better with Glitter!
*For complete instructions on my D.I.Y. Holiday banner visit the original post
Happy Holidays

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  1. hahahaha how am I just seeing this!! hahaha we love eating glue #billymadisonsteacher