Friday, December 20, 2013

Mint Leopard LOVE phone case - My latest obsession

I was browsing the fabulous Instagram and I came across a cluster of cute pictures of phone cases. Side note: I recently stepped into the 21st century and updated my phone. Seriously, I went from having a Zack Morris cell phone to a Galaxy S3 (Keep in mind this update was riiiight before the S4 came out) So I felt kind of cool and hip as the younger kids would say. Haha.
So naturally I thought "Self: I need to get me one of these nifty phone cases!" So I did and I'm sooo glad. Jessica Young from Rosalie handmade totally hooked it up! Most of her cases are available for IPhones but luckily she made a custom order for my S3. With so many cute and adorable choices, I had a hard time picking one but settled on this little ditty:

The case is so affordable at only $14.99. The shipping and delivery was super fast. The customer service was fantastic! I couldn't be happier with my selection. It's so me, in fact, my friends and family thought that I designed and made the case for myself! I'm in love with my love phone case. So if you need a little more Love in your life. Check out Rosalie handmade :)

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