Friday, January 3, 2014

Brenda vs. Kelly 90210-off

For X-mas I gifted a friend this friggin awesome Brenda Walsh mug shot tee. Available at TheSellOut on I mean seriously.... How awesome is this t-shirt?!

Needless to say, she's team Brenda. I'm team Kelly, so I thought my gift was hilarious and completely appropriate. She loved it of course (I mean regardless of what team you're on it's Brenda Walsh's mug shot for crying out loud!) So it came as no surprise that she sported it the very next day. We both weren't expecting the backlash that followed. Upon Instagramming a photo of herself representing the tee, people didn't hold back on stating their opinion on the famous love triangle spewing "I hate Brenda" and "Brenda sucks balls" Outrage! Ridiculous or not 22 years later and the feud is still going...
 If you recall in 1992, Season 3 of Beverly Hills 90210
Brenda and Dylan were on again off again for the first two seasons when Brenda left to spend a summer in Paris. While Brenda was away, Kelly and Dylan did play. The Beverly Hills Beach Club sparked the scene of the crime. Kelly having a lifelong crush on Dylan could no longer resist the temptation. Honestly, can you blame her? His scar on the eyebrow still gets me. The pair's feelings for each other progressed from simple flirtation to full on fling. Once the summer ended, however they hid their romance and Kelly had to watch Brenda and Dylan together again
 Cut to Brenda and Dylan breaking up. Kelly questioned Brenda about her feelings on Dylan's new love life. Brenda stated that he was free to date whoever he wanted, and Kelly began seeing him next. Which of course let to Brenda becoming angered and feeling betrayed. Dylan was told that he would eventually have to choose between the two girls.
Drumroll please: He chose Kelly, which brought the new couple to also reveal the deep dark secret of their summer tryst. Which once again just pissed Brenda off all over again. Seriously, when was this girl not on her period?
Shannen Doherty speaks out on her thoughts on the Brenda/Dylan/Kelly love triangle: 
"I understand Brenda's side and it's not just because I played her. It's because I think it speaks to me as a human being. My girlfriends and I have always had a pact our entire lives much like the guys have 'bros before' whatever they say--which is something not very nice. It's the same with us girls. You know, it's friends before boyfriends. There's an honor code. If you spotted him first, he's all yours. Go for it."
Let me point out that Brenda Walsh is not the victim here. Does anyone remember Dean Cain?! How she pulled the wool over his eyes with that terrible French accent is beyond me. The cheater became the cheated. That's Karma right there for you folks.
And let's not forget that Kelly did in fact meet and spot Dylan first. Having met him when they were children and developing an established crush. In my opinion she called dibs first. Dylan just wasn't interested in her at the time. Tear, so sad. Good thing he eventually came to his senses though.
                                                                                                                                                                           I don't care what anyone says. These two belong together on and off screen.  Actually, can't we all just get along and be Team Dylan? I think we can all agree that this was one epic love triangle. So, which side are you on?



  1. regardless of the childhood crush Kelly had on Dylan. Brenda did in fact win him over and he was her first love. Kelly as her best friend should of respected that and typical Kelly Taylor fashion SHE DIDNT!! and she dated him behind her friends back!!! I love my shirt and I will wear it proudly regardless of anyone's sides or opinions... to call it even and not fight lets just agree to disagree.. TEAM STEVE? is that fair? Now we all lose! haaa

  2. hahaha Brenda may have won the battle but Kelly won the war. Team Sammy aka Dylan and Kelly's love child! I'm glad you love the shirt! xo

  3. he he - fun t-shirt - I miss the old and new 90210's!

    I found your blog via Bloglovin and it would be great if you could take a look at my latest posts :) xx