Monday, September 9, 2013

A new chapter in a whole new book.

   I'm a big believer in living the life that you want, following your bliss, and making an effort to do what you love. Every chance I get, I tell people this. I realized if I was going to preach about it, I should probably start doing it, right?
   So here I am, on a rollercoaster of a journey and leading a new life. I have had my 'Aha moment' as the great Oprah would say.
   That big moment happened about a year ago. I was watching "The Notebook". It was the scene where Allie tells her fiancé that she doesn't paint anymore. He responds that he never knew that she painted and then offers the solution, "So paint".  Allie then replies with "I'm gonna start".
   I, like Allie, didn't paint anymore. And again, I, like Allie decided that I was gonna start again. That's unfortunately where the comparison to Allie and I ends. Oh what I wouldn't give for a Ryan Gosling character in my life. Anyway, back to the subject of painting. I'm so glad that I picked up a paint brush again. It's my passion. It's my drive, It's a part of me.When I am creating art, I bare my heart and soul on canvas.
   My friends and family responded so well to my artwork that they began fueling my craft by buying and requesting custom artwork for themselves. They then encouraged me to start selling my work.
   I opened a shop on Etsy. StarrJoy16 was born. More and more people were taking notice. I decided to turn my artwork into wearable art in the form of jewelry. It's a wonderful, indescribable feeling when someone likes and appreciates my artwork. It's an even better feeling when someone actually wants to pay me for it and display it in their home.
   I have so many more ideas and plans for the future of StarrJoy16. Who knows exactly where this road will take me? But I'm gonna find out. I'm dreaming out loud and living out my dreams. I hate the term 'starting over'. I much prefer 'turning the page'. So that's exactly what I am doing. I put the mistakes of yesterday behind me. I vow to make new and even better mistakes tomorrow.

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