Sunday, September 15, 2013

I believe in unicorns

I believe in unicorns. The unicorn is a legendary creature. It's said that they are wild, woodland, horse like animals that symbolize purity and grace and can only be captured by a virgin. Well, lets just say that the odds are stacked against me on being able to capture a unicorn of my very own.
I'd still like to think that they're out there. I like to believe in the fantasy of the impossible. I'd like to think that there are meadows of white unicorns elegantly frolicking around a luscious land of green trees with a bunch of pure virgins laughing and chatting it up while they braid each other's hair.
The closest thing that I've ever seen to a real, live unicorn, is my best friend's dog, Dax. He's a sultry white German Shepard full of handsomeness. He's one of the sweetest, tender, and enchanting animals that I've encountered. I can't help but think he's got to have a touch of unicorn in him.

My love for Dax (who I've nicknamed Uni) inspired my collection of unicorn artwork. Canvas paintings, jewelry boxes, and Jewelry are all available at my shop:


I can only hope for the day that I get to see a real unicorn with my own two eyes, but until then, I have my artwork and Dax a.k.a. Uni. Maybe one day my unicorn loving dreams will be fulfilled and I'll get to ride Uni as we're prancing around the greenery. Although, I highly suspect that the odds of that happening are piled against me on that one as well, so far his owners frown upon my fabulous proposition. It could happen, one day. Like I said, I believe in the impossible. Do you?

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