Sunday, September 29, 2013

Get up outta that funk and dance til you feel better!

Sometimes life can get a little overwhelming to say the least. Bank accounts can become overdrawn. Skin can break out with acne (even when you're 29). Washing machines can suddenly decide mid-cycle to stop "washing" and become just a "machine"- A machine filled with water. When it seems like things just aren't going your way. When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year...*clap clap clap clap* As cliché as it sounds, your friends will be there for you.

Ugh! I was having a ho hum horrible week. A case of the total blahs. I was feeling crap, crap, crappy. Starting to get the picture? Cue in girlfriends to the rescue. A few of my girlies and I made it a girls night out to celebrate the birthday of one of our very own. Throw in some cocktails, a bizarre round of "drink or dare", getting hit on by a 21 year old, snazzy dance moves (including the robot), and the result is a whole lotta laughs. The perfect regimen to get me out of my funk.

A cocktail or two, or five is always in order.

Our go to dance move. Reeling in the fish.

Me and one of my besties, Amanda.

When in doubt, just shimmy.
Happy Birthday Jennie!

Here's to my girlfriends, who I love dearly. Who are always there for me, and are always willing to join me in making total fools of ourselves for a few really good, much needed laughs.


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    1. Me too! It's always better when it's just the girls!

  2. I need one of those nights out! Thanks for linking up to the Friday Follow Along.

    1. You're welcome!! It was my pleasure :)