Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Girl friends vs. Guy friends

You gotta love your friends. I sure do love mine. When going to certain friends about certain issues in my life, I can't help but notice that the advice or feedback given from two types of friends couldn't be any more different. It's very black and white. If you want to be uplifted and have a boost of self esteem, go to your girl friends. If you want blatant honesty, go to your guy friends. Here are some true examples of situational life events that played out via both my guy friends and girl friends:

Situation #1
Does my butt look big in these jeans?

Girl friend: No, not at all                           
Guy friend: Yeaaah! (said while smiling and nodding head yes)

Situation #2
I haven't heard from the guy I've been dating for a few days, I mean he obviously doesn't care about me at all...

Girl friend: No, he DOES, maybe he lost his phone, got busy at work, has family stuff going on...
Guy friend: Well isn't that obvious?!

Situation #3
My face is totally broken out, Can you see this zit?

Girl friend: No, I didn't even notice until you pointed it out.
Guy friend: Yup.

Situation #4
Ugh! Work is so stressful, sometimes I just want to quit!

Girl friend: I know what you mean... (she then goes on to tell her own disastrous work story with a motivational conclusion)
Guy friend: That sucks or So quit.

Situation #5
I really want to start eating healthy, workout, and totally get in shape.

Girl friend: I'll do it with you. Let's get a game plan going!
Guy friend: Let's have a drinks to celebrate that goal!

And there you have it. Sometimes it's sugarcoated and sweet and sometimes it's the slap in the face that you need. Moral of the story, no matter how the feedback is delivered my girl friends and guy friends are totally awesome! I appreciate them and their opinions. One thing I know for sure is that they will always be there for me, regardless if I'm fat ass, brokenhearted, and without a job or not!



  1. I love the balance of girlfriends and guyfriends! Such a spot on comparison.

  2. This is so true! I always go to my guys for brutal honesty and my girls for emotional support!

  3. Spot on! That's why it's so great to have both!

  4. Sometimes you need to hear both advices/opinions!

  5. I am honest like guy friends are then. :P I am a little too honest at times.

  6. I have come to a stage were I need the brutal truth but saying that all my girl friends also shot for the heart were as my guy friends go for logic.

  7. You have to love guy friends. haha

  8. Haha guy friends will just tell you like it is sometimes!

  9. Gotta have both, except I think that my girlfriends must be my guy friends because they are brutally honest..... Sometimes too much so.

  10. great post! <3 Thank You for making me a part of the fun.

  11. crazy how different communication styles are right?

  12. "Let's have drinks to celebrate." Oh my gosh, my friends say this all the time!

    The Laura Way